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Auditors' Office

The Auditors' Office consists of an auditor general, an deputy auditor general, 14 first auditors leading a division and 64 first auditors, auditors and assistant auditors. The career of a magistrate within the Auditors' Office begins by an appointment as assistant auditor following a competition.
Within the Administrative Litigation Section, members of the Auditors' Office assess the cases. They draw up a report on the case and present their opinion in open court at the end of the debates. They are responsible for ensuring that the prior formalities are complied with.

Within the Legislation Section, the members of the Auditors' Office draw up a report about the drafts of acts subject to the opinion of the Council of Sate. They attend the debates in an advisory capacity.

The members of the Auditors' Office perform their tasks (case 24.173: NL -FR) in cooperation with the Council while keeping an independent mind.

They are also in charge of updating documentation regarding the case law and opinions. Working out and making available the principles of the legislative technique is also one of their tasks.

The auditor general and the deputy auditor general allocate cases between the members of the Auditors' Office and follow up the proceedings with the help of the first auditors leading a division.

The Auditors' Office is divided into sections according to language, tasks or type of litigation. Each section is directed by a first auditor leading a division.
24 members of the Auditors' Office are allocated by way of priority to the Legislation Section (12 are Dutch-speaking, 12 are French-speaking).

Members of the Auditors' Office are assisted by legal staff and a secretariat.

Composition of the French-speaking sections
Composition of the Dutch-speaking sections

For more detail, please refer to the following articles of the coordinated laws (FR - NL):

  • art. 69
  • art. 71
  • art. 75
  • art. 76

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