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These pages are designed to outline the proceedings before the Legislation Section and the Administrative Litigation Section of the Council of State.

The Legislation Section is an advisory body. Unlike the Administrative Litigation Section it has no procedural rules.
The Legislation Section can only be consulted by the members of the various Governments and by the Presidents of the Parliamentary Assemblies. The procedure for consultation was established by the circular of the Prime Minister of 10 September 2004 (FR, NL).  The circular defines the form of the application letter requesting an advisory opinion (legal text or regulation), the time limit set to deliver an opinion (5 working days, 30 or 60 calendar days or no time limit specified) as well as the preceding formalities to comply with when drafting bills and decrees.

Regarding the Administrative Litigation Section, a brief and simplified survey will be given of the annulment, suspension and cassation proceedings which every citizen has to comply with when lodging an appeal.
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